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The Middlecott Sketchbattle™ from Detroit is the first-ever official sketching authority for design sketching, the Fight Club of Design, and an industry party blowout. Sketchbattles are currently held nationally with various auto shows and design festivals throughout the year including Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York City. The event is a live design sketching competition and creative community party, where today’s and tomorrow’s design industry elite battles for recognition as the Middlecott Sketchbattle Champion™ and a herald of the future for Detroit and design sketching. The Sketchbattle features an epic pool of design talent from design industries and art college students who converge on Detroit for the Sketchbattle Finals.

Friday, 27th Jan 2023
Detroit-themed design language, celebrating the vibrant culture of the city
The brief for this Sketcbattle is mobility in Downtown Detroit. 
The year is 2049, and ground-driving-based commuter cars have been outlawed in the Detroit city center due to pollution and traffic congestion. Therefore cars must park one mile outside the city and people must find their own way into the center in whichever way they prefer.
 It could be anything like:
- the lowest e-scooter with the deepest sound system,
- flying in from the river using a waterjet backpack,
- floating in on a well-endowed anti-gravity board,
- illuminated streetwear that spreads the love,
- latest Gucci bag projecting  a dazzling electric light show,
- wearing the kicks producing incredible break beats,
- riding on a tiger with iridescent colorfully lit fur,
- a mobile sound system broadcasting your favorite tunes,
- etc., etc., etc
Sketchbattle Rules
- Sketchbattle is designed to showcase the art of hand sketching and design through a timed competition.
- “The best sketch wins.” Sketching is competitive, whoever has the best sketch “wins” the best job, their idea gets approved, a higher salary, fame, recognition, etc.
Therefore, Sketchbattle celebrates designers as competitive sports athletes.

Please read this document in its entirety. If you have any questions or comments, please address them to the organizer,
By entering this contest, you agree that you understand and will abide by the rules

- Two awards are possible: Sketchbattle Champion, chosen by judges, and Peoples Choice, chosen by the audience 
- Sketchbattle is a sketching contest that consists of 2x rounds.
- Each round is timed at 30 minutes of sketching time.
- Sketches are then pinned on presentation boards for judging.
- The judging and time between rounds time is approximately 45 minutes.
- Judges give each sketch points out of 10, 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.
- You will not have an opportunity to explain your design to the judges.
- The Round 1 sketch must be manually hand-drawn via analog tools like pens and   pencils. 
- Rounds 2 can incorporate digital tools like Photoshop and Procreate or 3D CAD.
- Sketches from each round will be photocopied. The original will be returned to the designer, and the copy will be posted on the wall.
- If you use of 3D CAD, it is only possible to win the Peoples Choice Award.
- Sketchbattle will not supply any materials, tools, or equipment, you must bring your own. 

1. You must start with a “blank sheet” and are not allowed to use pre-made elements such as underlays, CAD components, backgrounds, wheels, etc.
2. In Round 1, sketches must be drawn by hand on paper using only analog mediums. 
3. Both round’s sketches must be presented in landscape format and on tabloid-size 11x17” paper.
4. Round 2 can incorporate digital tools.

Two Awards
Sketchbattle Champion
- The premium award of the Sketchbattle and is chosen by the judges.
- The designer with the most points from the two rounds wins Sketchbattle Champion.
- The referee's decision is final.
- If 3D CAD is used, you forfeit the possibility of winning the Sketchbattle Champion.
- Judging criteria -  50% drawing and 50% idea 
-Sketchbattle Champion Belt
- Oculas Quest Pro 
- Brazen Sports, Swiss-made watch
- Signed print by Brook

People’s Choice
- Chosen by the audience.
- Attendees are given one sticker vote for their favorite sketch.
- The sketch with the most votes wins the People’s Choice.
- If 3D CAD is used, you only can win the Peoples Choice award.
- Brazen Sports, Swiss-made watch
- Signed print by Brook
The Middlecott Sketchbattle from Detroit is the umbrella name for our sub Sketchbattle brands including Sketchbattle JR, an education initiative for kids aged 8 - 18 years old to promote and encourage design sketching at a young age; Sketchbattle TEAM, a college league for college team matches; and Sketchbattle PRO, a live sketching contest for college students and professionals.
Sketchbattle JR now offers online tutorials, for information and booking go to  
The Sketchbattles are always looking for new partnering/ sponsorship opportunities and talented participants.
business enquiries: Frank Schwartz -, phone: +1 (248) 320 0828
contestant enquires: Brook Banham -, phone: +1 (415) 845 1680
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Photos: Trista Dymond

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